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Tonight was fucking fantastic :’)

Anonymous asked: please get off tumblr you are just to fuck ugly

Say it to my face :)

Anonymous asked: my family have done 2 face transplants 100s face rebuilds, 17 arm re-attachments more than 40 heart lung transplants, are involved with 3d printing new bone replacements and growing new organs plus meany meany other things over the last 35 years. the best one is a kid had cancer in his knee :( so his knee was removed and his foot reattached backward acting as a new knee so giving the chance to walk with a prosthetic lower leg has no limp ect :):)

my cheeks are great omfg

Anonymous asked: hi ermm my family are reconstruction/transplant surgeons so yea they more qualified on the subject :):):)

Clearly you didn’t watch the episode to see the medical professional on it :))))

Anonymous asked: how are those saliva glands and nerves in those cheeks ?? they get infected and its stroke type damage and severing a nerve the pain is for life , the best way to describe it is like a heart attack every second of the day for the rest of your life , then theres the odor from damaged saliva glans worse than body odor.

Look up the cheek piercing video on Pangea Piercing’s YouTube and see what a fucking idiot you sound like


Finally got my left dermal out of my chest😪

HA false alarm, half of it is stuck in

Finally got my left dermal out of my chest😪


people who use the excuse “it’s a free country”


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